I always get hair stubbles on my legs and my underarms. I really want to get rid of it. I shave and I noticed that the venus razors are better than others but it doesn't completely get rid of the stubble. I tried Nair. It worked better for my legs but it burned my armpits. I tried veet and it didn't burn my armpits or my legs but it still left stubble, more stubble than a razor would. I don't want to wax because it will hurt and im really bad with pain, and i don't want to use an epilator for the same reason. Does anyone have any tips. IMPORTANT DETAIL: I'm actually starting modeling and I can't show up with noticable black stubble on my legs and underarms.

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      A few years back I was doing photo shoots for an advertising company and they told me I needed get rid of all my body hair. I had the same problem with razors leaving stubble behind, especially on my chest. Just like you I didn’t want to have to use wax, and using Nair made me feel sick. Looking around I found a lot of stuff, but none of it worked. I finally just gave up and went to a professional to get waxed. The pain was not nearly as bad as when my friend did it and every time I got a waxing it hurt less and less. The only way to get rid of the stubble is to get a professional waxing.If you do decide to get waxed make sure that you find the best place possible place because a good waxer will inflict vary little pain, but a bad waxer will hurt you more then needed.

    2. Sorry you cant unlessYou wax.

    3. Here’s how to shave your pubes: 1st pluck/wax some of them while they’re long. Cut the hairs short. Apply shaving cream or conditioner to the pubic area. Then shave upwards in the opposite direction of the hairs with a 5-bladed razor. Be sure to shave hard to make it smooth. Afterwords to avoid getting beginners side effects wash the area off with acne cleanser, dishwasher soap, or rubbing alcohol. It only takes me 5 minutes to shave that I shave about 3x a week. If done right you will be incredibly smooth like me. If you do experience beginners side effects don’t panic! just put acne cream on the bumps, pop them if you can, keep up the shaving routine, they should go away within a month. That’s just a reaction cause your body isnt used to being hairless there. Even I itched burned when I 1st started. Also try rubbing one of those skin moisturizing bar soaps on the area after you shave it. That’ll make it really soft.You can also get it removed permanently with electrolysis which is painful costs $55 an hour. I’ve gotten 3 treatments on mine. Email me for more info about it.Here’s the benefits of hair removal: The absence of it is erotic, sensational, it’s easier to sexually relieve yourself. You’ll feel sexier, younger, cleaner. For girls it makes their periods easier to clean up because the hair traps in blood. It’s cleaner because hair traps in odors dirt is 1 less thing to wash when you take a shower. One of the reasons I started shaving is because I would kill time twirling the hairs when I saw that area. Pubes can get caught in stuff like your zipper. you won’t leave long gross hairs on stuff like toilets. I’ve got a blog posted on my profile about why there’s nothing wrong with pubic hair removal that you everybody else should read. fyi you don’t need to be sexually active to shave that area. I have friends that are complete prudes that are into body hair removal.I believe my answer is the best would appreciate it if you chose it.

    4. well make sure. you start with a sharp razor, and exfoliate your skin (loofa or washcloth) and shave right before the modeling or wherever youre going. everyones hair grows at different rates so just shave regularly