Okay, so i decided to cut some of the hair off of my legs. It helped a little to reduce appearance, but i still have dark hair on my legs. I can't shave yet. Maybe those gradual tanners will help. Do those work, and do they reduce appearance if hair. Please help me.

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    1. veterinarian's

      Some do work, but they don’t really reduce the appearance of hair. SorryPlease answer mine[external link];

    2. Maybe just “trim it” so there is still hair there but its not shaved. Buy a hair trimmer

    3. hmm, unfortunately you cant reduce the appearance of hairs on your legs but what you can do is that if you really dont want to shave there are other ways of removing hairs on your legs… like waxing… but if you reallyy cant stand pain you can also try using a depilatory cream (nair, sally hansen,veet,…and many more).. its easy to use without any pain at all …you just simply put the cream on for 5-10 minutes and wash off…easy

    4. shave it off

    5. Remove it with Nair?