My pubic hair grows out to cover the base of my penis, then continues around the shaft, where it thins out up to the area where the foreskin was cut. I pluck the lone hairs that grow around the shaft, and shave the base. But it seems to be getting thicker the more I shave it, and plucking hurts! Is there a better way to rid this coarse horrible pubic hair from my penis? It's really killing my sex life : ( The base of my penis feels almost as rough as my chin after not shaving for a couple of days. I hate to think how this feels for a girl during intercourse. I can't keep up with having to shave it every single day, when it seems to get worse by doing that, and it's irritating because then it itches and feels soar. Hair removal creams? Infrared laser? Do I need to see a doctor? I hate this

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    1. plucking them all is the best way to go! …yeah it feels grim… but not as grim as shaving stubble feels sanding away the girl’s vaginal skin… also when you pluck them all …they will grow back in way slower than shaving and the hairs! …and when they grow back te hairs will not be as coarse as before the plucking! i pluck all my ‘top’/'frontal’ hair from my private parts…lol …i shave the underparts just because i can’t see enough to pluck them all!

    2. Get a girlfriend that uses her teeth during blow-jobs. Sounds like a medical condition, maybe you should ask your doctor, could be signs of a bigger problem that will only get worse with age.

    3. Hey, this is from the question I answered. Retin-A cost me $32.50 with shipping. The most important product is the Retin-A. It will make your skin look younger. The tube should last about 5 months.

    4. Okay,…I am going to approach this from a totally different tact. The hair is growing on the shaft of your penis because you were circumcised (without your consent I bet). When the two severed ends were joined together, so much skin was removed, the follicle-rich scrotal skin was pulled way up your shaft so the ‘doctor’ could join them together again. The doctor had no idea how large you would grow as an adult and this is another in the long list of reasons to never circumcise a child or infant.The best thing you can do now is to restore your foreskin using well established skin tensioning methods that are working for thousands of men. Lots of guys (myself included) from this site are knowledgeable about foreskin restoration and are in the process now. Some are finished restorers and these people are a wealth of information.What needs to happen is enough new skin must be produced to allow the scrotal skin to retreat back down the shaft, to the scrotal area where it belongs.Take a search through the internet and look at (academically) some photos of erections on circumcised and intact (not circumcised) men. You will see the intact penis does not pull the scrotal skin up the shaft. Some intact men do have some small amont of hair on the shaft, but not like it is with us cut guys.I have posted some links to some foreskin restoration sites that have lots of information about how to restore, and a list of very convincing reasons.I help many guys from this site get started on their restoration program by offering information and answering questions. After you read through the sites, if you have questions, please feel free to e-mail me through my profile page and I will be happy to answer what I can.Good luck with this.Mithras

    5. Hair removal cream tends to burn on the genitals. Shaving will not make the hair thicker but will probably have to be done every day or two. Plucking would take so long it would be like torture. Another option would be if you could find someone who would wax it for you. That takes the hair off all at once. Hurts but not nearly as long as plucking individual hairs. That would be your best bed. It takes a while to grow back and gets steadily less coarse with each waxing til eventually it is just a little fuzz.