when laser wus used to remove my eyebrow tattoo makeup, half got shaved off.I dunno if the laser will damage eyebrow hair follicles and cause slower growth? How longwill it take to grow bck? PLzz help

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    1. I would think the scarring from the laser removal would not let the hair grow back, but I’m sure you’ve already asked the Dr.

    2. You are vain. Makeup tattoos will fade away over 2-5 years so you just wasted money. The hair wil grow back in about 4-6 weeks but it’s your own fault.

    3. approximately 2-4 weeks to grow back fullyhope this helps :) also, if you get the chance, please comment or sign my Guestmap, Thanks :) ========================[external link]

    4. Who the hell gets a eyebrow tattoo? Hope you were drunk when you got it.

    5. Depending on the type of laser and how strong it was. It will take a while, so get used to drawing them on.Good luck

    6. my mom shaved her eyebrows and they never grew back so she has to paint them on