I bought a wig and im not sure if its synthetic or real, i think its synthetic, but are you supposed to wash it? What happens if you don't? Also, if you are, then how often are you supposed to wash it and with what kind of shampoo

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    1. no !unless its REAL hair

    2. You can wash synthetic fibers. Obviously, the first two answerers have never owned a synthetic fiber wig…Anyway, you have to be really careful. Washing a wig isn’t bad in and of itself, but washing it wrong WILL ruin it. I’ve heard horror stories of people using washing machines/driers or dry cleaning, hot water, hair driers, or scrubbing too hard. I even have one such wig because a friend basically cooked the thing while scrubbing it vigorously and she wanted me to “fix it”. However, if you do it right, washing wigs could add months or even years to the lifespan of your wig. What you do is fill up your sink or some sort of basin with cool-warm water, adding either wig shampoo (should be easy to find at beauty supply stores) or a small amount of human hair shampoo. Once the basin is full, carefully lower your wig into the water and then swish it around a little. You don’t need to scrub it, just let it soak. The only part you should rub in any way is the inside bit that touches your forehead, as that will be full of sweat and dirt. The rest of it should get clean with some soaking and gentle swishing. After a few minutes (5-10), remove the wig, empty the water, and refill the sink/basin with clean/soapless water. Once it’s full, slowly lower the wig in again and swish it around to get rid of any shampoo. Repeat this step 1-2 times, depending. Once it’s rinsed. take the wig out of the water and lightly squeeze out any extra water. Don’t wring it, just squeeze a tiny bit. Then, go hang it somewhere safe. A wig head is good for this, but a towel hook works too. Then just wait until it dries, brush it out with a wide toothed comb (not a hair brush. Wigs should be brushed with a wide toothed comb or your fingers only) and you’re done

    3. Don’t wash it. Don’t even brush it. It goes really frizzy, and it just gets really fake and messed up looking.