i know this is probably an embarassing thing but i do have very light hair on top of my upper lips, heck i ll even admit that it is a mustache, but! it is not that obvious bc the shade isn't very dramatic. you get me? i been using sally hansen cream hair remover and pluck them bc they really annoy me , so will they grow back darker and thicker

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    1. When you shave, the hair grows back darker thicker. Same with mustaches. See a dermitologist to have it permanetly removed if it is that annoying.

    2. Are you saying you have a mustach? No it doesnt. Its just hair. It comes in 1 size only and grows at different length

    3. if you do threading rather than creaming, then it wont come back thicker.

    4. Plucking does not cause the hair to grow back thicker. Actually over time it might start to thin out.

    5. Let’s start at the beginning. Most women in America have some degree of moustache growth. Clearly you fit that description.If there’s not too much of it, you don’t really need to do anything? Most guys are OK about women with, for example, a slight moustache.If you do decide you have to do something, then there isn’t a simple answer and there’s a lot of misleading “information” around.Facial (and also body) hair on women comes about in the same way as on men because of1) your body being sensitized, before you were even born, to testosterone – doesn’t happen to all girls, but does to many2) your body producing high levels of testosteroneThe growth rate and coarseness of the hair depends on just how much testosterone is circulating in your bloodstream.Steer clear of bleaching – when someone sees you against the light you’ll look as if you have a glowing moustache. Believe me, it shows up far, far worse.As far as removing it is concerned it’s worth remembering that* Waxing, plucking, threading, epilating all pull the hair out by the roots and where the growth is hormonally-driven can actually stimulate a dormant follicle into producing more hair quicker. They also distort the root if done repeatedly, leading to hair growing at strange angles. And you’ve got to let the hair grow to quite a length before you can repeat the exercise. It can also damage the skin and discolor it. Long-term use of waxing also causes bad wrinkles.* Chemical depilatories strong enough to remove the hair are very likely to burn the skin, cause swelling and cause long-term discoloration of the skin.* Laser is also liable to cause burning and discoloration and in any case only works effectively on a dark hair/light skin combinantion.* Electrolysis is very liable to cause scarring and discoloration of the skin.Which, like it or not, leaves shaving which does not damage the skin. Best done with a men’s-style electric razor, the best of which, for women, are probably those from the men’s range of Philips/Norelco razors (Philishave outside the US). Most women who try a men’s Philips/Norelco wonder why nobody ever told them about it before.

    6. yes, once you start doing it, you have to keep doing it for the rest of your life

    7. well plucking all the time tends to weaken the hair follicles in that area…so with time it should appear infrequently if that makes sense…the only time it grows back thicker and darker is if you shave…plus u start getting shaving bumps and stuff men get.the rashes.not too great on a woman better still why dont you wax it…which is more or less like plucking but more in a groupor use laser treatment if it bothers you that much…

    8. This is not embarasing, lots of us ladies have this problem, so dont worry about it.I find that the best way to deal with it is to wax it. Bit sore the first time, but it gets easier. It lasts a few weeks, the more you do it, the thinner it grows back, much better than bleaching or a hair remover.Try it i’m sure you wont look back, good luck.

    9. yes, the first couple times you wax/pluck hair, it grows back thicker. but then it starts growing back thinner.

    10. No it doesn’t. Some times it causes the hair follicle to split into two different hairs but that doesn’t happen often. Plucking usually kills the hair follicle and doesn’t allow any more hair to grow. I’m living proof. I plucked my beard line many years ago and to this day, I have a straight line on my cheeks instead of a natural line of beard growth.

    11. Hi, no it doesn’t. it looks thicker because it grows back with a blunt tip not a tapered tip. if you want to get rid of it try waxing as it pulls the hair out from the root, or try bleaching the hair which is kinder to your skin. Either way i bet no one else has noticed it, just you! xx

    12. I don’t pluck it, it seems like it would hurt WAYYY to much. I use Nair’s Upper Lip Cream. It works just like Nair, but it doesn’t hurt or anything. You put it on, leave it sitting like a facial, and then rub it off after 5 or 6 minutes. When it grows back, its soft and the same color as before, but you HAVE to do it again, like shaving or else it looks worse then before you started. So, I would just do that, it’ll stop your whole problem.

    13. NO! plucking, waxing and shaving do not make the hair come back thicker and darker. That is a myth.It seems thicker because the tips of the newly grown hairs are blunted in other words not “pointy” like the hair you just shaved, but it will be.It seems darker because unlike the hair that has been shaved, it hasn’t been exposed to the elements, mostly the sun which always seems to bleach the hairs.Do this, shave a small patch on your arm you will notice that when it grows back in seeeems to be thicker and darker but give it a week or so and you can’t tell the difference.

    14. “No, plucking does not make hair grow back thicker! it is just a common misconception that it does, because when you pluck or shave a hair, it sometimes grows back darker. This is only because that hair has not been bleached by the sun, so it looks darker, and therefore sometimes thicker.”