Nair has a couple different versions. If you do choose do use it get the formula made for pubic hair removal, and follow the directions exactly as written. Otherwise you can burn your skin with the chemicals.You may also want to look for a product called coochie. Iknow that name is stupid, but it is shave creak made for the bikini line. I have extremly sensitive skin and this stuff is great.You can also try the shave cream from the men's line at The Body Shop.I agree that waxing hurts! Us girls have to do so much to stay beautifulGood luck

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    1. Omg! NO dont do that if you read the bottle it says not to, and if you shave u get razor bumps that means stop using a razor and just get it waxed pain is beauty so that is the best thing to do

    2. You can use Nair on your bikini line but you MUST be very careful and avoid accidentally getting it any lower. Nair and other hair-removal creams are a chemical that basically “burns” the hair, which is why you just wipe the hairs away when your done. Also, I would do a “test” on a small area first to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction or the chemical is too strong for that sensitive skin. Regardless, never put it too close to your nether region.

    3. They make a nair for the bikini section. It’s for more sensitive areas.

    4. Eh…i have a whole system for during the winter when i dont get waxed.Yes, you can nair your pubic hair, but it probably wont all come off…so what you do is get a brand new razor and go into the shower with the nair on, rinse off, then shave and it should be x-tra smooth. When you get out, apply some Bikini Zone (found at all drug stores) and apply it every day. and Viola…a nice bikini area without waxing.This is my system every 3 weeks and it has nt failed me!

    5. yeah..but make sure it is specifically for the bikini remove the hair, use something flat…like an old credit card…don’t scrape too hard.then remove excess with a damp wash cloth…make sure u leave it on for the suggested time…this should work…if u can’t find one then use the mildest form of hair remover.