Whenever I shave my legs, my hair follicles still show up under the skin. In some sensitive spots the pore even gets red, irritated, and even bleeds a little afterwards. I have tried using shaving gels for sensitive skin, but they never seem to help. I thought that using Veet would work, but I left it on for TWICE as long as the recommended time and it only worked on about 1/3 of my legs. Not only that, but the veet irritated the skin and I had little red raised bumps covering my legs. I still had to shave afterwards, and it just ended up looking even worse. Is there no hope for me? I want to be able to wear skirts and shorts without feeling self conscious about my legs.

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    1. Laser Hair Removalor you could try Magic Cream Shave but that might also irritate your legs

    2. there are lotions that you can put on your legs to make the hair follical become smaller if you rub it on your legs it helps deminish all the hair and make it grow slower if you can find some i found it at walmart a couple yrs ago but i bet its not there anymore sorry i cant help moreAlwaysAngel

    3. It’s called ingrown hairs. The best way to limit them is to try and shave as gently as possible. There are no sure fire cures as far as I know. Some people are just luckier than others. Another tip is to not put on lotion immediately after shaving. The lotion goes into the newly irritated pores and can cause commotion and red dots. Wait for a bit for the skin to dry. Also try a different razor, and always make sure your razor is fresh and new! A dull razor will most certainly cause more irritation.

    4. Hair remover then lotion all over it. Do it twice

    5. wax ur legs

    6. Wax, that’s the only thing that works for me

    7. you’ve got sensitive skin, so it’s gonna be real tough to wax, and you’ll ALWAYS see your pores, no matter what you do, it’s just a part of nature (it’s more obvious on some people, depends on your skin type) the only thing you can do is get a little sun so they don’t stand out as much ’cause your skin’ll be less transparent

    8. the best remedy for ingrown hair is exfoliating your skin

    9. same thing happened to me minus the bleeding! apparently i had folliculitis.. if thats how you spell it. and it was embarrassing! it was the 2nd time that it happened for me. but i went to the doctor and he gave me a prescription for some antibiotic which i took for about 2 weeks and it eventually went away. i havent had it since and its MUCH nicer! hope you find a solution

    10. if you have the time you could pluck your legs!or what is probably easierget a tan. Pale people have see-through skin…Just go outside for a day

    11. They could be in-grown hairs, they can be painful, talk to a doctor for more information. :D Good Luck

    12. Try an electric shaver

    13. You can try to use Veet or Nair. Be careful though because I haven’t used Veet, and Nair usually leaves rashes. If you find out something, let me know, because I hate those marks

    14. this is so me but no bleeding , good question but idk

    15. use veet or nair

    16. shave your legs with a new blade and conditioner, then afterwards, spray on that sally hansen thing for imperfections. i dont know what its called but its like spraying on pantyhose. it really works, it makes your legs smooth, even, and looking natural. the bottle isnt expensive, its like $7. oh yeah.. and it doesnt come off with water. so thats cool. you need soap to get the color out.aww.. hope you can wear skirts and dresses soon.

    17. use a chemical-leg-hair-removal

    18. exfoliate before and after shaving your legs. chemical hair removers will not work very well on dark coarse hair. use a loofah and a body wash with salicylic acid (neutrogena makes one) daily to prevent ingrowns and bumps/irritation