Ok so lately I have been buzzing my hair short and I really like this style. The thing is I have 2 bigger moles on my scalp and I would like to have them removed. I dont want alot of scarring. Is it possible to get them removed without any scarring? Also, will hair grow back in the place of the mole? I dont want a few small bald spots on my head if I do choose to grow my hair out again. I would appreciate any info. How are the moles removed, will there be scarring, will hair grow back, etc. Thanks

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    1. They are removed with laser. I’ve gotten it done before. There is absolutely no scarring. The doctor told me that 99% no scarring..GOO LUCK.

    2. Mole are usually cut out and will leave minimal if any scarring. The procedure takes about five minutes per mole, it is done in the doctor’s office and you walk out with a band-aid. When my father had a mole removed from his head the hair didn’t grow back but the spots were so small that you never noticed the hair was missing. I wouldn’t worry about bald spots. Talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have.