Has anybody used nair hair removal for their vaginal area? i put it on the outside and this time i put it all the way inside so i can get every hair out. when i went to pee it burned so bad that i almost couldnt. does anybody knw what i should do for this? and how long will the burning last

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    1. You arent supposed to put that inside your actual vagina. There is no hair inside. The skin is waaay so sensitive down there and hair removal is really strong. If you really want to get rid of your pubic hair, I suggest you just shave or wax. Using hair removal cream can irritate down there and cause problems, even if its the sensitive kind. The chemicals are fine to use on your legs and even your bikini line, but not on your pubic hair. You could try putting aloe vera on the skin (not inside please) and this mught subside the burning feeling. Other than that you have to probably just wait it out. Please be more cautious in the future.

    2. Get an aloe lotion to help it heal. Make sure it is coated before you pee and it will provide a protective barrier.