i dont have sensitive skin, and ive had nair facial hair removal cream tube for months now, it dunt finish, as i only use it once a month. I must say every time i use it i get a tingly burning feeling...but today i made the worst mistake and used it following exfoliating my skin and it burned like hell, i **** use spade thing to remove hair, some of my skin had peeled off...yes ...yak! and now im sat here with a BIG RED MOUSTACHE!(im sure this will sound funny later but not right now)..i tried putting water, but even that burns...i've put vaseline over it...but as the time is going by the red mark is getting darker and darker and more visible...help! any suggestion to curing this...

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    1. There’s is a great website that has some good tips and techniques that you can use on your hair. There are also some third party options that are reliable. The site is http://www.hairfinish.com. It has all the info you need and it is a very trustworthy site(heard from a couple of my close friends) Hope you find your answer.

    2. Go get some neosporin and suck it up for a week. I had this happen when i used nair on my legs…burned like a *****. But all you can do for it is get neosporin and keep it on there 24/7 for as many days as it takes. Get the good kind that takes the sting out.

    3. Your skin has reacted this way as the upper lip area is a sensitive part of the face and the exfoliater removed the dead skin cells on the upper part of the skin layer and also with the nair cream it has an ingrediant in it which is like a form of acid to kill hairs and melt them away. Make sure to put a cool compress on the area every so often to prevent spots forming on the area and if you can get an aloe vera based product it will heal it quicker for you, an excellent one i would recommend would be the aloe vera lip balms and use ur finger to rub over the area to keep it clean.