Okay, so I have a happy trail from my belly button down.it's not major or bushy, or coarse, but it's quite a few dark hairs.of course, i like everyone else, hair that peach fuz like hair on the top of my belly botton, but it's unnoticiable.however, the happy trail is.go to my gyno?i have an appointment already.i just wanna know...is it common?also, what's considered, normal, for a girl's stomach

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    1. its common for girls to have a happy trail and that really sucks! gyno cannot do anything at all for your trail. i had laser hair removal. its the only thing that has ever helped. you have to have at least 6 visits and space those visits out 6 weeks apart. hair always regenerates itself its why you need to space it and do it 6 times. and the laser treatment isnt even permanent. nothing is permanent.

    2. if you have dark hair its normal, just wax it

    3. Yes it is common my mothers side of the family has it meaning all the men and women, its not that bad you have the options of wax, bleach, tweezing, laser removal. I have a happy trail too it’s not that bad no one notices, if you do the right thing for your body. I do modeling so I use bleach so the hair doses not look thick from removing the hair. The dye for body hair is not that expensive the price ranges from 3-15 dollars depending on the brand, size of the bottle etc… I hope this helps, You can think of it this way too some guys think it’s attractive

    4. i have the same thinggg! and im a quarter mexican, and my dad is one HAIRY GUY. so thats where i got i from… i have dark hair on my lower back like that too. just don’t shave it, whatever you do. it grows back so much darker and more coarse and sometimes causes razor bumps, shaving it.