I used nair and I left it on for 5 minutes. Apparently I got a rash from it (only on one leg) and I want to get it away by Tuesday. Any suggestions? I probably should stick with shaving from now on .

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    1. use viniger

    2. When i get a rash i drink alot of milk..lol..but apperently that does works…i dont know how but it does.or sometimes if that doesnt work i have no other choice to go to the doctor. THere they give u a lotion for rash and it will go away in one day…HOPE THIS HELP

    3. It’s best to leave it alone I think, give it time to heal.Don’t cover it in lotions and stuff, let your skin do it’s thing.Wear tights on Tuesday.

    4. Most likely, you have had a burn from the caustic chemicals in Nair. Stay away from Nair and let time heal the wounds. If it is an allergic reaction, an antihistamine will work.

    5. Whats Nair ?

    6. epsom salt bath…salt heals rashes, particularly epsom salt. You can get it at CVS, Walgreens etc or of course the grocery store…Also check out Aveeno products, they are great for rashes…and calming/healing skin.

    7. Put white vinegar on a cotton ball and dab on the rash generously. Might sting a bit. The vinegar will help calm the histamine reaction. Should be nicely calmed down by Tuesday.Nair is rough stuff. Stick to non chemical hair removal like shaving or electrolysis.