No matter what I try I can't seem to get a comfortable shave. I know women have hair removal creams they can use on their face, but I'm not sure if it would work for a man.

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    1. Try letting your beard grow! It’s free, and think of all the time and trouble you’ll save every day. My hubby got rid of his razor and now he has a nice soft beard instead of stubble – I love it!

    2. yes.. nivea even makes one for men. but the most gentle one is put out by avon and is mostly used on eyebrows… which really should work for a guy well considering yourbeard is about the same in stiffness. DO NOT use a product for legs even if it says gentle it will/can burn your skin and still not remove the facial hair . good luck :)

    3. I just shave in the shower. Just makes it easier. If I miss a spot I can usually get it afterwards.

    4. Do not do it…it will burn like hell and aftewards you might end up with a lot of ingrown hairs. Best way to shave if you are a guy with a tough beard is to do this in the shower with a manual razor with a SHARP AND FRESH blade you rinse frequently, and only begin to shave after you have been in the shower at least a few minutes. Don’t be in a rush to shave, and doing this in the shower is so much cleaner and will leave your skin in so much better shape.Get a mirror you can hang from the shower curtain, or one you can mount to a wall. Dont have to pay a lot for an anti fog type, just wet it and smear a bit of soap on the mirror to keep the fog down to a level you can see. Don’t shave against the beard, but go in the direction of hair growth with a FRESH BLADE. DO NOT BE CHEAP and keep using the same blade more than a week or two MAX.Gel shaving cream works best, let it sit on your face for at least a couple of minutes and only after you have let the warm shwoer water on you for at least five minutes before.DO this in a shower with a good quality blade, avoid ALL disposable type razors as they are garbage. Go for a good brand like a Quattro or, even better, a MACH 3. Once again, don’t be in a rush to shave if you are a guy and you want the best shave without ingrown hairs or rough uneven patches, and always use a well rinsed and sharp blade.Don’t do the hair removal cream stuff, and if you want to REALLY get rid of hair for good, see a laser specialist who can do this. Otherwise, stick with a good blade and do this in the shower

    5. My cousin tried this and his face was all bumped up. I think hair removal products contain ammonia. You may want to try a better quality razor before you take this route.

    6. A review of the various hair removal methods is available at [external link]

    7. sure if you don’t mind a major heat rash or red bumps on your face… my brother tied it and boy was it a disaster so i wouldn’t do it if i were you

    8. Here’s what you do:Wet the hair on your face 3 minutes before you shave.It has to be wet for 3 minutes for the water to soak into your hair.Shave, and it will come off like butter. Well, not like butter, but it comes off dramatically easier.The newer the razor, the better your shave will be, too. Better quality razors last longer than cheapies.