Ok, so I am a teenager who gets a 5 oclock shadow at around 1 oclock. What can I do to slow down the growth of my facial hair? I don't want to use chemicals or waxing because I heard your facial hair grows back in patches if you do so. My school does not allow facial hair, so I would have to get rid of it no matter what. It is just becoming annoying to have so much. Thanks

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    1. there’s really no way to slow that down. waxing facial hair sounds like the most painful thing ever yikes… shave twice a day if it really bothers you

    2. Electric razor, helps a little, invest for a nice one that lasts

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    4. after waxing a few times some hairs will stop growing back, however, for permanent results you may wanna try laser hair removal. after the first session i noticed that in some areas the hair did not grow back at all! try it if you would like, its gonna cost ya a pretty penny, but its painless and the results last forever. because each persons’ skin type is different you may have to get multiple treatments for all hair to be gone. on average you need 5 to 6 treatments.if you have any other concerns you can message me at my facebook or myspace…myspace.com/fearless_interigatorjack.delanuez@facebook.comthanks for reading :) -Jack