i have been using the bikini zone for 2 days know but, the bumps look horrible i was wondering if there is something else i should try. i didnt shave i used nair.

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    1. You need to use an exfoliant regularly before going with a complete brazillian wax, or even nair (it’s practically the same thing anyway). Crazy as it sounds, one of those natural sponges could also help a lot, even though it’s going to hurt like hell. The problem with the bumps is that the hair follicles that are left are scratching the skin under the surface. The way to avoid that is to tighten the skin before and after using exfoliants and liquid exfoliants. Bikini Zone works but not if you are doing the wax/nair for the first time.

    2. read tips on hair removal and more on skincare on this site