i removed old caulk around the tub and now some linoleum flooring is unglued at the tub base. how to i re-afix the linoleum to the floor. it's only coming up a bit, not even enough to stick a glue bottle in. but the old caulk seemed to be keeping the flooring down. help

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    1. Regardless of what you use to fix the flooring, the surface underneath has to be dry. If you have an outlet close enough, low heat on a hair dryer might do the job. (You can’t use them on an extension cord). If the area is dry, use your vacuum with the crevice tool to clean it out. Then, you have two options: re gluing or tacking with tacks or staples. If glue can get down to the flooring past the edges of the linoleum, that will be great. Go to the hardware store and get the right kind of flooring cement in a tube. If you’ve warmed them both, the flooring should flatten out and lend itself to smoothing. If its stubborn and curly, you’ll have to tack it. A handyman’s stapler (not the office kind) with 5/8 staples should do it. If you need an emergency fix, some large headed tacks will help short term. Before you apply new caulk, everything must be dry, or mold and rot will undercut your hard work. I use masking tape to control the edges of new caulking, just as in painting. Have a utility knife handy and work slowly to keep the edges neat. You don’t want them collecting dribbles of water over the months ahead and wiping out your job. I used one other fix on my back door from the wet back yard. There are narrow cove trims used to finish off the backsplashes of kitchen and bathroom counters. If you’re even halfway adept with a hacksaw, you can make a really attractive and waterproof trim along the bottom of the tub. Contact me if this solution appeals to you, and I’ll describe the steps I took when I fixed my doorway floorspace.

    2. Just shove some liquid nails in there and put something heavy on top of it in a couple of hours the floor should stay down!