I alrerady know that Nair smells horrible,and I have been shaving for 4 years and I have used almost every razor out there

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  • My armpit hair grows fast and shaving just darkens and makes it grow fasteri tired waxing - Nair is smelly but it lasts longer and it makes your hair grow back thinner. Oh yea, or that hair remover that gives you the bladeless razor. That one smells better. It’s called Veet. It’s like Nair only that you use the bladeless razor instead of a cloth so you get less skin irritation. Also
  • Nair, Veet, or Shaving - so im thinking about buying hair removal creme but i’ve heard some bad thing about them. but razors have downsides too. heres what i’ve heard:Nair: burns, smells, doesn’t work wellVeet: smells, doesn’t work as well as shavingShaving: you get razor burns and bumps, doesn’t work as well, sometimes smoother than hair removal?so what works best?
  • Does anyone else think that Nair hair removal cream smells awful - I tested Nair (sensitive) hair removal cream on a small part of my leg today, and I can safely say I won’t be using it again. It smelled nice in the tube, but when I took it off it smelled vile! It made me want to be sick… and it didn’t even work.Does anyone else
  • Scared about shaving - im 13 years old, i want to have soft smooth legs. and since i have “long beautiful legs” i want to show them off!; but im terrified of shaving, i supposed to try and wax my legs before summer, and im trying to convince my mom to buy me veet or nair. but she’s says
  • Girls, questions about shaving my underarms - I’m a 13 (nearly 14) year old girl and have been shaving my underarms for almost a couple of years now. But I find I have to do it like every 2 days because the hairs grow back really fast and it annoys me so much! I also get a horrible stubble-like feel and look
  • Does Veet Hair removal cream work - okay so i have the nair hair removal cream but it realy SUCKS and smells horrible ; iv’e been hearing that veet works better is it true?! wich one works better the Veet hair removal cream or the spray one?! helppp!
  • Can you please help my legs are burning when i shave?!? - ok so about 3 years ago i had a SUPER bad allergic reaction to nair and ever since then my legs have been really sensitivei can put lotion on them cuz they get all red and burn! and i use shaving cream for sensitive sking and a razor for sensitive skin and after my shower


    1. I’ve never used Nair but i’ve used Veet and it works fantastic. I’ve been using it ages and it’s amazing.I use the hair removal cream which takes only 3 minutes to work. It doesn’t smell bad, either but the one with the pink packaging smells the best. It makes me feel literally, quite silky and it’s the smoothest i’ve ever been! And NO Rashes or marks.. I totally recommend it to you.. best hair removal product out there ! =]

    2. Veet smells nice, and actually does work, and wont burn off your skin, really its great to try, I, as you have, tried a lot , this works the BEST.

    3. miraclemongering

      I love Veet, it works really well, and the Veet with aloe in it doesn’t smell too bad. The great thing about Veet is that it lasts like a month. After using Veet it took me four weeks just to get stubble.

    4. veet is betterr

    5. I have used Nair its yucky but I think shaveing is better im 13 years old and i think shaveing is wayyy better hope you get wut u need!~