Me and my frind had a disagreement i said women started shaving down there in the mid 1990's and he said in the mid 1980's does anybody know

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    1. Why would a girl shave her vagina? You really need an anatomy lesson.Do a google search honey.

    2. I think the first woman in penthouse shaved her private clean in the early to mid 70′s.

    3. It depends on if you are talking about it being popular in America, or when it was first documented.American women have picked up the trend in the late 80′s / early 90′s, and it has gotten more popular.Muslim women have been removing body hair for centuries, though (and I mean all body hair). It was part of a ritual for a bride-to-be.

    4. thats a great question , i think 90s myself

    5. 70s or 80s